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Translation has a historical tradition in Germany. Many linguists in universities and institutes have devoted their efforts to studying almost every language on earth, from the most important to the most forgotten ones; and this shows in the vast and professional translation industry developed on German soil.

Moreover, the developed science and technology in Germany has always been very demanded in all the corners of the world, which means that there are always thousands of German texts to be translated.

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Translation associations and schools in Njemačka

SchoolUniversität Potsdam Fremdsprachenlinguistik
SchoolWürzburger Dolmetscherschule
SchoolHumboldt-Universität zu Berlin
SchoolFachhochschule Flensburg (Flensburg University Of Applied Sciences)
SchoolUniversity of Duisburg-Essen
SchoolBayerische Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
SchoolUniversität Hamburg, Fachbereich Sprachwissenschaften, Studiengang Gebärdensprachdolmetschen
SchoolTelc Language Tests

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Powwow Njemačka - Augsburg Jun 14
Powwow Njemačka - Berlin May 27
Powwow Njemačka - Berlin May 26
Powwow Njemačka - Hamburg Apr 21
Powwow Njemačka - Augsburg Apr 18
Powwow Njemačka - Mannheim Mar 24
Powwow Njemačka - Augsburg Feb 15
Powwow Njemačka - Augsburg Dec 14, 2016
Powwow Njemačka - Wiesbaden Nov 19, 2016

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Popular outsourcers in Njemačka
Bohemian Dragomans Lts
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 258 entries)
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 201 entries)
GBS e.K. Global Business Service / Global Business Service / Andreas Hofmann e.Kfm. / GBS
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 99 entries)
Bangard (Sprachendienst Bangard)
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 84 entries)
ORBIS Sprachdienste
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 84 entries)
Hansson Übersetzungen GmbH
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 70 entries)
LENGUA Translations
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 69 entries)
Carlsen / Thomas Carlsen Übersetzungen
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 66 entries)
Osteuropa Horizont / Monika Szechenyi
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 63 entries)
retrans - research translations
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 58 entries)

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Luciana Brunetti
Luciana Brunetti
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Pamina Traductions - Pamina Übersetzungen
Dans la région et pour la région - In der Region für die Region
L & B
Willingness to commit ourselves
We localize!
Trans & Law

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